Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My good traders list

As I said, I´ve been collecting banknotes for almost 20 years, but just recently I started using internet to expand my collection. Here there are some friends of mine I´ve already swapped banknotes with, at least once (please fell free to write them asking for references):

Cuneyt Ozarikan - Turkey - cucuk74@yahoo.com

Fernando Lara - Ecuador - ferlara32@hotmail.com

Júlio César Tarrago - Cuba - ventas.tarrago@hotmail.com

Kazimierz R. Leszczynski - Poland - kazik45@poczta.onet.eu (he said his email changed to karole20@onet.eu)

Eric Hall – United States - eric5192@comcast.net

Juan Árias - Ecuador - eventasec@hotmail.com

Lajos Kovacs - Hungary - klajos62@yahoo.com

Mārtiņš Cīrulis - Letonia - martins.cirulis@inspecta.lv

Wonsik Kang - South Korea - amunrah2@naver.com

Besides, I´ve got banknotes from at least 30 different people in Brazil and Ecuador, but, as these deals were not swaps through internet, I won´t post it here.


  1. Nice idea to leave good traders adress on a blog. Here is some other nice and reliable persons to trade with.

    Jacques Pierre Saure Raoult
    Chile jacques_saure@hotmail.com

    Stefan Badin
    Slovakia stefan12@pobox.sk

    Simon van Zessen
    Netherland munten@familievanzessen.nl

    Lentenois Sébastien
    France lentenois@wanadoo.fr

    Walger Wim
    Netherland w.p.walgers@hetnet.nl

    Lisjak Slobodan
    Serbia lisjak@ptt.yu

    Aji Purwo Suwito
    Indonesia aji_psuwito@yahoo.com

    Evaldas Papaurélis
    Lithuania evaldune@splius.lt

    James Hemenway
    USA jhemenwaysd@yahoo.com

    Peter Van Venrooij
    Netherlands vennie75@hotmail.com

    Postded by Andre Cote from Canada 01-16-2010
    Interested in pre 1950 world coins and banknotes
    Feel free to contact for a trade list.