Friday, 20 November 2009

Welcome to my swapping list

Hello my friends,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Maurício Correia (I suppose you realised that already), I’m a 30 years old, married (and very well), Brazilian diplomat. I’m currently living in Ecuador with my wife, but next year (2010) we’ll move to Switzerland.

I’ve been collecting banknotes and coins for almost 20 years: the first register of my collection dates from when I was 12, but I think I had a little collection even before that (I don’t even remember anymore). Although I find coins interesting, I’m a bit tired of them and, for quite a long time, I’ve been dedicating myself only to banknotes. If there’s anyone interested in exchanging banknotes for coins, be my guest to ask me, the only problem is that my list of coins is extremely out-of-date (and it’s only in Portuguese).

The main reason for this blog is to share my list of double banknotes. Hopefully, in a near future, I’ll have the disposition and time needed to make a real nice blog with all my collection. Meanwhile, this little crappy blog will have to do.

You may find my contact information at the bottom of this page. Please, don’t hesitate to write me your suggestions, doubts, and, surely, to send me your swapping list too. As for exchanges, I think it’s important for me to make some things clear:

• Given that the price of international post is quite expensive (at least here in Ecuador), and that I have low reference prices, usually lower that catalogue prices, swappings of very low price (that’s to say, under 30 or 40 dollars as a reference) are not very worthy for me.
• If you want to have an idea about my collection, I suggest you to check the website and look for my collection (mauriciocorreia). You won’t find everything I have down there, as I have many banknotes they don’t have in their database. I hope one day I´ll have time to scan those banknotes I have which are not at their database yet.
• Although I collect real banknotes from all over the world and from all times (except those “fantasy” ones, like notes from Disneyland, Antarctica, Galapagos islands, etc.), I prefer banknotes no longer in circulation.
• I calculate the value of the banknotes to set the swap in two different ways. For those banknotes no longer in circulation, I established a reference price for each piece based on catalogue prices, on the price I paid at the time I got the banknote, and on the price the banknote is usually traded.
• For banknotes still in circulation, I usually only exchange them for Brazilian reais, at face value: considering the official exchange rate of that day. I think that’s the fairest and cheapest way to get a nice collection of modern banknotes. The only comment I must make is that it’s crucial that the banknote be 100% Uncirculated (UNC), that’s to say, that it has absolutely no signs of fold, spots or any other marks whatsoever.
• Apart from that, we can exchange Ecuadorian banknotes of Sucres, no longer in circulation for 10 years (but 100% UNC), for banknotes still in circulation in other countries (as long as they are also 100% UNC). In this case, I take into account the price I can get these banknotes here in Ecuador to calculate how much, in dollars, it’s necessary for someone from another country to get me in (in his or her own currency).
• I have a list of many friends with whom I’ve swapped with, and I intent to post it here as soon as I get some time to do so. If you’re recommended for one of these friends (I mean, if you have already exchanged banknotes with them), I have no problem sending my part first. Otherwise, I have no option but to kindly ask you that you send your part first.

All of this said, I invite you to check my swapping list. All banknotes that are not UNC or AUNC are scanned and, if we ending up exchanging, it will be the very banknote you’ll get. The pictures of the UNC banknotes, however, may not be from my actual one. That’s simply because it’s much easier for me to download the image from internet that scanning each banknote. In this case, however, there’s no need to worry, because the note is pristine, in absolutely perfect conditions. Please note that, in these cases, the serial number (and, occasionally, the signature) may differ from that of the picture.

Best wishes and have a nice collecting,

Maurício André Olive Correia

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